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CYCLE-TAINER Solvent Delivery System Dispensing Selection Guide

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How can I dispense liquids from the CYCLE-TAINER system?

There are several solvent dispensing options available for CYCLE-TAINER solvent delivery systems. Avantor Performance Materials offers three CYCLE-TAP dispensing accessories that will handle a variety of solvent sampling and dispensing applications. The CYCLE-TAP dispenser allows for simple unmetered dispensing of solvents into secondary containers. The CYCLE-TAP sampler accessories can be used to sample air sensitive solvents from CYCLE-TAINER systems while maintaining chemical integrity. If automated dispensing is needed, SciLog, Inc.'s LabTec(2) Smart Dispenser System provides high precision dispensing while maintaining a closed system to ensure solvent integrity. The tables below will provide guidance for selecting the best dispensing option for your application. Once the dispenser is selected, set up and operation instructions are available at the links below:

CYCLE-TAP Dispenser Operating Instructions
CYCLE-TAP Sampler Operating Instructions
Metered Dispensing using LabTec Smart Dispensing System
Direct to Instrument Connections for CYCLE-TAINER Systems

1489a Table

The CYCLE-TAINER dispensing accessory selection guide in Table 1489b shows the best accessory available for each solvent dispensing application. Whether you need metered or unmetered dispensing, handling of air sensitive solvents, or simply general dispensing into flasks or beakers, there is a dispensing option available to meet your requirements.
1489b Table






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