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CYCLE-TAP Sampler Operating Instructions

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How do I connect and operate the CYCLE-TAP Sampler?

CYCLE-TAP SamplerThe CYCLE-TAP sampler is a manually operated device for removing small volumes of solvent from the CYCLE-TAINER solvent delivery system using a syringe1. The sampler is designed to remove solvent aliquots directly from the container, completely eliminating contact with the atmosphere. The sampler features color-coded Quick-Connects allowing easy, air-tight attachment to the CYCLE-TAINER system and a three-way valve for purging the device to ensure the purity of the solvent sample is not compromised.

The CYCLE-TAP sampler is available for use only with the CYCLE-TAINER solvent delivery system. The sampler is the easiest and safest way to obtain a small aliquot of solvent from the CYCLE-TAINER system, whether the requirement is for routine sampling or critical experimentation. By maintaining a closed system, solvent is not exposed to air where oxygen and water vapor can affect solvent quality. The sampler can be used to:

  • Obtain solvent for the purpose of sampling incoming containers
  • Transfer solvents for oxygen-sensitive and water-sensitive reactions
  • Easily withdraw small volumes of solvent from containers directly connected to instrumentation

Using the CYCLE-TAP Sampler

Attach the CYCLE-TAP sampler hose to the CYCLE-TAINER system solvent port using the color-coded Quick-Connect. Connect a gas source to the three-way ball valve on the sampler. Before sampling, purge the sampler with solvent and subsequently with gas. Connect a Luer lock syringe1 to the sampler and turn the three-way ball valve to the open position. Extract the syringe plunger to withdraw solvent from the container. Once the desired volume of solvent has been withdrawn, the three-way ball valve should be turned off and the syringe removed from the sampler.

1Syringe must be purchased separately. Avantor Performance Materials does not sell syringes.



Part # SolventQuick-Connect Description
9815-01 THF, High Purity, Low and Ultra Low Water Blue QC
9815-02 Acetonitrile, High Purity, Low Water Black QC
9815-03 Methanol, High Purity, Low Water Orange QC
9815-04 DCM, High Purity, Low Water Green QC
9815-05 All Reagent Brown QC
9815-06 Hexanes, High Purity Yellow QC

Recommended Luer Lock Syringe and Syringe Parts
Vendor: SGE Analytical Science
Telephone: (800) 945-6154

25mL Syringe Pre-fitted with Luer Lock Valve

Part Numbers:
009472 (Syringe Pre-fitted with Luer Lock Valve)
031870 (Replacement Plunger)
031910 (Replacement Valve)
25MR-VLLMA-GT (Replacement Syringe)




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